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Price: ¥85,000 — Made to order

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Price: ¥85,000



このデスクは受注生産になりますので、お好みの高さを選んでいただくことが可能です。スタンディングデスクとして使用される場合、椅子に座って使用される場合など、使い方に合わせて机の高さをお選びいただけます。 その他、ご希望に合わせて引き出しやコンセントなどを付けることも可能です。 W1000 D590 H720 - 980 mm 
(写真はH850mmです) 注記: 受注生産
この商品を注文する場合は、Contact Form よりお問い合わせください。

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Price: ¥85,000

A simple looking desk, with a few unique features.
This desk has a hidden cable tidy compartment at the back.
Open tray space under the top, that can be used for storing a laptop, books or files. This is great for keeping the work space clutter free.

The solid hardwood top has a cable holder slot to suit most types of common used computer and device cables.

On each side of the desk are chunky hangers, designed for holding a bag or headphones.

This desk is made to order, allowing you to choose the height you would like.
The deck can be made as a standing desk or as a sitting desk, to suit how you like to work.

I also offer some extras to be added for example storage trays, fitted power block and cable boards.

W1000 D590 H720 - 980 mm
(picture shows desk at H850mm)

Notes: Made to order
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