Board build class

What you'll do:

In this hands-on workshop, you'll build your own skateboard deck with an experienced skateboard builder.

First, you'll start with an uncut, deck blank. 

We will make you a blank before you come on the course, You can chose your blank type:

  •  longboard surf style
  •  longboard cruiser style
  •  street mini cruiser

let us know in advance, so we can have you custom black ready for when you arrive.

Next, you'll create a custom template or use a pre-made template to shape the board, once the rough shape is cut you will begin the finer shaping with shaping tools and sanding. and moving on to shape the edges and finish the board yourself.

You'll leave with a completed skateboard deck which you can apply art to on your own or come back and make a stencil art to print or spray on your board. 

You don't need to worry about you wood working skills befor you come, we will show you how to do each stage step by step, however if you alredy know how to do some of the tasks, you are free to work with or without or help.

If you have already made a board with us before and would like to work on making another board but don't have the space and tools for the job we also welcome you back, where you can have use of our tools and space without having to do the full course again. we are always about and willing to help with any questions.