"Copse Works" is a creative studio built by Dominic (British) and Emi (Japanese). We live and work in Kawaguchiko Japan. Our passion is to explore limitless ideas presented through our products and activities.

Dominic has been making furniture and other wooden products professionally 20 plus years.

In late 2016 we moved from the UK to start our new adventure in Japan. Since then we have been building our studio and starting to develop new products. 


While designing something new there are many points to consider. The important points for us are “simple, strong and functional.”
We also care about how the item may look in years to come and how everyday use may affect the piece. The key to our design concept allows ageing and character to improve the look with time.

We truly believe in using honest materials which can be maintained, repaired or recycled.

Meaning behind our name:
Copse,  A thicket or small stand of trees. The word first appeared as a shortened form of coppice, a word still used in British English, referring to an area with trees or small woodland grown for purposes of periodic cutting.

Works, Our creation.